Our Story


Island of coils - The beauty Box box is a natural hair subscription box that boasts of the beauty of natural hair through animation and box design. Our hand-picked, FULL sized products offer novelty, and convenience that feels like a vacation in a box!

Receive 5 or more FULL SIZED products and enjoy the unboxing experience as you get to try luxury hair brands from around the world. Be introduced to new products and rediscover old favorites! 

This box was created when the founder De'Shante' Grant realized that there weren't enough beauty products that catered to black women within the Halifax region within Canada. Instead of complaining at what appeared to be covert exclusion, De'Shante decided to embark on a venture that would provide black women with products that would help them feel their best. 

Initially thought of as being a Canadian only box, this box has now been launched to the US as well. By supporting this box, you support our mission of inclusion. And for that, we say THANK YOU! 

100% female owned, black-owned business.